FOX / CNN: love in the air at the Biltmore

November 6, 2008
A foggy "Campaign" Carl Cameron from FOX News is smitten with CNN's Dana Bash at John McCain's election watching party Tuesday night at the Biltmore in Phoenix

FOX News' not-quite-sober "Campaign" Carl Cameron is smitten with CNN's Dana Bash in the bar at John McCain's election-watching party at the Biltmore in Phoenix Tuesday night. This picture was taken between 2 and 3 a.m.


Don’t vote for Lord

November 3, 2008

It’s been exciting to see an Arizonan, John McCain, make a run at being leader of the free world. Arizona has a rich history of political figures, from Democrats like Carl Hayden and Mo Udall to Republicans like Barry Goldwater and McCain.

Bob Lord is not going to be on that list.

By the same token, the Arizona Republican party is in bad shape. It’s bigger than just the split between the business types and anti-immigrationists. The party is lacking vision, creativity, energy and leadership. It’s time for young Arizona conservatives to step up.

The reason I started Lord of the Lies is because conservatism is taking a beating these days, but it’s far from dead. While the Republican Party struggles to find its bearings, savvy Democrats have taken advantage. But the thing that bothers me is the Democrats are making gains by running as conservatives, just not those crazy Republican conservatives like Bogeyman Bush.

Barack Obama is a very liberal Chicago pol who’s served less than four years in the U.S. Senate with no accomplishments, but convinced millions of Americans desperate for a leader that he’s a moderate ready to lead. We’ll see.

But liberals trying to pass themselves off as conservative are being dishonest, and they should be called on it. John Shadegg makes no bones about being a proud conservative, and consistently runs his campaigns on that platform. Throughout this campaign, Lord attacked Shadegg relentlessly for being a Bush Republican, yet at the same time tried to make the case, as he told the New York Times, that he’s a “pragmatist” and a “conservative” willing to buck Nancy Pelosi in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Why can’t Lord run as an honest, proud liberal and let the chips fall where they may? Because he’s in a center-right district, and in many ways, Obama’s similar smoke-and-mirrors tactics prove we are still in a center-right country.

Conservatives can’t let these “phony rappers” get away with it. If you were a Lord of the Lies legionnaire, you learned:

* Lord told the New York Times he will buck Pelosi in the House, but tried to keep secret her visit to Phoenix for his fundraiser and went to her secret “boot camp” in Chicago to learn her political tactics.

* Lord put a bunch of his friends in his TV commercial and played them off as former Shadegg supporters.

* Lord’s supporters knocked over Shadegg campaign signs in the district.

* Lord tried to get out of the final debate against Shadegg, saying he was too busy, lied to the media about it, then somehow fit it into his busy schedule at the eleventh hour.

* Lord ran an unprecedentedly negative campaign. Every one of his and the DCCC’s ads were attacks on Shadegg. His negative stump speech at the Arizona Asians American Association literally got him laughed off the stage.

* Lord’s campaign staff included people from other states and took direct orders from the DCCC in Washington.

* Lord made several ridiculous, untruthful charges against Shadegg’s support for the military.

* Lord is not related to Bristol Palin.

Hardly any of this stuff was covered by the local media. It won’t be in the future. They don’t have the resources to cover it all, and frankly, they don’t care. The hottest story in this campaign involved a Shadegg credit card dropped in an Obama field office. Watergate it was not.

As the Republican Party struggles to get its bearings in Arizona and nationwide, conservatives can’t sit by and let guys like Lord slip in and advance the Obama-Pelosi agenda. It’s going to be a tough road ahead, but there’s enough talented conservatives in this state to move the ball forward.

Hopefully Lord of the Lies offered its small part to the cause.

Keep the change, Bob

Keep the change, Bob

Lord finally debates

November 2, 2008

The What About Bob Lord? blog uncovered a Bob Lord-John Shadegg debate on Channel 10’s web site that aired this morning and gives a nice recap. The surprise debate appearance comes after Lord said he was “too busy” to debate Shadegg on Channel 10 last week.

Click here to watch the debate. Click here for What About Bob Lord’s recap.

DCCC CD-3 price tag: $2.6 million

November 1, 2008

According to National Review, the DCCC will have spent $2.6 million, primarily on negative TV spots, in support of Bob Lord by election day:

The influx of cash has been large and sudden — much like the floods that suddenly flash across the desert sands during Arizona’s summer rainy season. According to Congress Daily, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) spent more money against Shadegg in the first 23 days of this month than they did against any other Republican in the country, and it is on pace to spend at least $2.6 million there by Election Day.

All that money and we still don’t know where Lord stands on the issues.

Republic rips Daily Kos, Lord ties

October 31, 2008

From today’s Arizona Republic:

Really, we thought John McCain was Public Enemy No. 1 for the leaders of the radical left. What with him being the Republican presidential candidate and all. Or, at least, Sarah Palin.

Imagine our surprise at learning the national politician most despised by the far left is none other than Rep. John Shadegg, who represents Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District.

“John Shadegg is the GOP’s topmost conservative in the House,” writes Markos Moulitsas, editor of the most influential far-left Web site in the country, the Daily Kos.

Moulitsas says he is “obsessed” with Shadegg’s re-election race.

“If you want to decapitate the Republican leadership, he’s our best target in the House,” wrote Kos earlier this week, urging followers to raise $100,000 by today for Shadegg’s Democratic opponent, Bob Lord. “I want to rub salt into their wounds.”

There is little doubt that Democrats generally will do well Tuesday. And, if District 3 voters are dissatisfied with Shadegg’s conservative politics, Lord may join a large freshman class of Democrats.

But local voter dissatisfaction is one thing. What Moulitsas seeks has the unseemly scent of wild-eyed vengeance. The fellow is looking for GOP bodies over which to stand.

The Arizona Republic has urged District 3 voters to re-elect Shadegg. As “Kos” himself notes, Shadegg is the “topmost conservative in the House.”

But now we add another reason to support the incumbent: Politics isn’t – or shouldn’t be – blood sport. Re-elect John Shadegg and give an out-of-state political barbarian something to weep about on Election Day.

An odd editorial to see in the Republic to be sure, but makes a decent point.

Oops: Yellow Sheet runs gag photo of Lord family

October 30, 2008

I gotta give props to the Yellow Sheet Report for, well, covering the CD-3 race. With the cutbacks at the other local rags, there’s been very little solid print coverage of this campaign. This left an opening for Bob Lord to try to sneak his lies past CD-3 voters, and he would’ve gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling Internets: Lord of the Lies, Yellow Sheet and others.

But I had to laugh when I pulled up today’s Yellow Sheet story about Lord’s curious letter to Shadegg, and saw a picture of Lord’s family purportedly from his web site. The only problem: at the left side of the family photo stands Bristol Palin in a photoshopped version of the original one found on Lord’s web site – the same image used in the Lord of the Lies masthead and very first post on this site. Since Yellow Sheet is subscription-only, I’ve posted the screen shot here:

Even better than the real thing

Even better than the real thing

Lord family sans Bristol

Lord family sans Bristol

My guess is the mixup was a simple mistake: since Lord of the Lies generates more news and traffic than Lord’s cyber-bore, even news outlets are coming here first for content. But the satire at Lord of the Lies can be very subtle, as Yellow Sheet found out today.

Lord sends curious letter to Shadegg

October 30, 2008

From today’s Yellow Sheet Report:

After Shadegg announced he had settled a lawsuit with a third book publisher for slander/libel, (See YS October 23) Lord send him a letter asking for the candidates to make a joint statement “as soon as possible” to show that neither campaign would engage in personal attacks about each others’ families.

Shadegg Campaign Manager Sean Noble responded to Lord in an October 28 letter, saying the campaign “fails to find the logic” in the request because Lord and the DCCC began the campaign with “personal character attacks” against Shadegg.

Lord and DCCC ads, Noble said, are at best purposely misleading voters and at worst, outright lies.

The Noble letter asked what Lord is hiding that made him want to enter into this pact with Shadegg. “We are very close to Election Day and we still know almost nothing about you,” Noble said. “Why are Washington Democrats spending so much on your campaign? And, why won’t you debate?”

Why is Bob Lord suddenly interested in issuing joint statements about campaign tactics so close to the election?

DCCCOBAMALORD army rolls in for GOTV effort

October 30, 2008

From Bob Lord’s AZCentral blog:

I will join 700 volunteers as they hit the streets and jump on phones this weekend in a final get out the vote effort to support my campaign to change Congress and I’m asking you join us!

About 700 volunteers and I will begin a massive get-out-the-vote effort, walking neighborhoods and phone banking to remind voters to VOTE BOB LORD!

If you’d like to join us in our campaign for change, please call our campaign office at 602-274-0068 or e-mail

Let’s change Congress!

The Lord Army is made up of DCCC out-of-towners, Lord’s family and friends, and the “special” folks riding the Obama-Biden short bus.

Here they come...

Here they come...

DCCC Florida arrives at Lord HQ

DCCC Florida arrives at Lord HQ

One man, one dream, lots of annoyed neighbors

One man, one dream... lots of annoyed neighbors

Will the bunny be out?

Will the bunny be out?


October 29, 2008

The list of Bob Lord cronies portrayed as “former John Shadegg supporters” in Lord’s recent TV ad keeps growing. The latest compadre tipped to Lord of the Lies by a dedicated legionnaire: Randy Yavitz, Lord’s longtime friend and FORMER LAW PARTNER.  Yavitz complains that Shadegg is “so out of touch with the community. As a Republican, it’s embarrassing.”

Lord and Yavitz (bio) were partners together at Sacks Tierney law firm in Phoenix for a decade, beginning in the early 1990s through early the 2000s.

Lord of the Lies checked Yavitz’ voter ID, and he indeed is a Republican. But is Yavitz truly embarrassed by Shadegg or helping out an old friend?

Angry Randy

Angry Randy

Chill Randy

Chill Randy

According to Yavitz’ FEC records, he has given a total of $2,250 to Bob Lord and $500 to CD-1 Dem candidate Ann Kirkpatrick this cycle.

In fairness, he did give $250 to John McCain – less than one billable hour for a lawyer of Yavitz’ pedigree. Pretty weak for the red-meat Republican portrayed in the ad.

This could be the most dishonest political ad of 2008. It’s no wonder Lord didn’t list names for the people featured in his TV spot, but did he really believe he could get away with such a Bush league tactic? Four of the six “former Shadegg supporters” have been exposed thus far. Stay tuned to Lord of the Lies for more information…


October 29, 2008

Lord of the Lies yesterday exposed Bob Lord’s attempt at passing off his longtime compadre “Rick” Johnson as a fed up John Shadegg supporter in his new TV ad.

It looks like “Rick” is not the only phony in the ad. A husband and wife combo, Ellis and Bette Jo “B.J.” Wiggins, are featured in the ad highlighting “former John Shadegg supporters,” complaining that Shadegg “puts the interests of his party ahead of our own.”

Ellis and Bette Wiggins

Ellis and "B.J." Wiggins

But what are the Wiggins’ interests exactly?

According to local liberal fundraising group Camelback Political Action Committee’s web site, Ellis and “B.J.” are card-carrying Democrats who hosted a Dem luncheon last year featuring Terry McAuliffe, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager and former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. The site also explains that Ellis and “B.J.” also hosted another event featuring Herb Paine, who ran against Shadegg in 2006!

The web site looks like it hasn’t been updated in a year or so, but at the time, “B.J.” was President of the Camelback PAC.

Furthermore, according to Lord’s FEC report, back in May, “B.J.” DONATED $250 TO THE BOB LORD FOR CONGRESS CAMPAIGN!

Hardly the profile of former Shadegg supporters.